What if I want to make my cards stronger?

Great question! You'll be able to use buffs on your cards:



You can use weapons that provide a single turn buff to a unit already on the grid. Weapons can only be played on friendly units. Once the weapon is played on a unit, its battle calculation is re-triggered. The weapon buff is removed once your turn is completed and will be discarded.



·        Provides a defensive buff to a unit.

·        Applying a shield does not re-trigger a combat calculation.

·        When a unit is attacked, regardless of success or failure, the shield buff remains.

·        If the player places a weapon onto an armored unit, the values are stacked.

·        After the battle however, both the weapon buff is removed and the armor buff remains.

Offensive Cards

Offensive cards can be applied to any enemy unit on the grid. If the offensive card on the corresponding side is greater than or equal to the defense value of the enemy unit, the enemy is destroyed.

If the card is not destroyed, it is de-buffed permanently. If an offensice card is played, the player can play an additional card, and could potentially play multiple offensive cards in a row. When their turn ends, they redraw their missing cards up to a maximum of 5.

Chain Reactions

A chain reaction occurs when 2 opponent cards are side by side. When a successful capture is made, the attacking and defending values are compared. The difference is calculated and then compared to the second card's defending value. If the difference is larger, the second card is also captured

However, if the second defending card has a higher defense than the converted cards attack, the difference is ignored and the capture does not occur

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