I've just started playing. What should I do first?

Welcome to the game! If you're new to Knightfall ™: Rivals, it would be best to learn the basics. The game will take you through a tutorial, where you can learn the various types of cards you can use and what they can do. To help, here's a brief description of type of combat, which will be discussed in more detail further in the FAQs:


Melee Combat

Melee combat is performed by putting a unit card directly adjacent to another card. Only melee cards can attack neighboring enemy cards. There are three types of melee units: Basic Melee, Flail Melee, and Lance Melee


Ranged Combat

Unlike melee combat, ranged units can only attack units that are adjacent but 1 tile away. Any units that are between the ranged unit and target do not have an impact on the attack taken.



If the value of each neighbouring unit is exactly the same, a tie occurs. Consequently, this means no conversion will take place for either the attacker or defender.


More information will be added to the FAQs as we continue to develop the game and get more questions from our players. Have fun!


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