What are the rewards for playing?

Rewards are display in the Combat Menu of the main screen. There are three types of rewards: Free Chests, Victory Chests, and Inventory Chests. Each of these rewards will be explained below


Free Chests

Free chests are automatic rewards that are generated over time.  They aim to improve retention with multiple sessions per day as well as day to day retention.

  • Free chests are automatically available every 8 hours
  • Opening a free chest is immediate.
  • Up to two free chests can be collected at once, after which no more will appear.
  • Free chest timers cannot happen concurrently (I.e. If the player opens both stored chests, it will take 8 hours for one chest to appear, and another 8 for the next for a total of 16 hours)

Victory Chests

Victory Chests require the player to win multiple games in order to open them.  The goal of the Victory chest is to increase session length and improve multiple sessions over a day.

  • Victory Chests are available every 24 hours from the last time a Victory Chest has been opened.
  • Opening a Victory Chest is immediate (once the player has accumulated enough wins to open it).
  • Up to two victory chests can be available at once, however game wins only go toward one chest at a time. (I.e. If a Victory Chests require 5 wins to open, and the player has 2 available. The player can open their first chest at 5 wins, and their second chest in another 5 wins.)

Inventory Chests

Inventory Chests are rewarded for defeating a player in either casual or ranked mode. They provide daily goals as well as short, medium and long term appointment mechanics.

  • 1 Inventory Chest is rewarded per win.
  • Awarded chests are stored in the player Inventory.
  • Only 4 chests can be stored in the player inventory.
  • When an inventory is full, no more chests can be earned.
  • Inventory chests take time to open, and is based on the type of chest it is.
  • Only 1 chest can be opened on a timer at a time.
  • A player can immediately open a chest using hard currency.
  • The cost of opening a chest reduces the closer the timer is to 0, with a minimum of 1 hard currency.
  • The player can open a different chest using hard currency even if another chest is being opened on a timer.
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