What are the game modes for Knightfall ™: Rivals?

There are two main game modes available at launch, which are: Casual Battle, and Ranked Battle

Casual Battle

Casual battle matches the player with other players of the same account level. Rank points are not earned from casual battles. The player earns inventory chests from victory. You will notice indicators and visual guides to help you to understand what cards will be captured before placing.


Ranked Battle

Ranked mode is designed to create a perpetual battle among players for the top spot.  It matches players with other players of equivalent trophy points.  There are 6 tiers of ranked battles: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Epic and Master.

Ranked positions are reset to zero every 30 days.  Depending on the tier achieved since the previous reset (So the highest tier achieved in the last 30 days), the player will receive a reward. The higher the tier he/she achieved, the better the reward he/she will get.

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