Why did my game reset, I'm starting from the beginning!

If your game reset, there are 2 possibilities:

1. You were somehow logged out of your Facebook account


2. You were signed into the wrong Facebook account.

If you are on iOS: Go to your device settings > Facebook and sign in (Android users can skip this step).

If another account is already saved then delete the info. This will not affect your Facebook account.

Return to the game and tap the "Log out of Facebook" button in the account info menu.

Tap "Sign In As Someone Else" at the bottom of the account info menu.

Tap "Connect with Facebook" in the sign into existing account menu.

A popup will appear warning you that continuing will replace your current game. This will NOT delete your game. It will only close the current game and load the one you are trying to switch to.

Tap the "replace account" button and the other game will load.

If the pop up says no game exists attached to this account and that your current game will be erased do NOT proceed. Contact support.

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