I am receiving an "SDK error" message, what do I do?

This can be caused by a few different things.

Solution 1

Go to:

Account info
"sign in as someone else" or "sign an as existing account" (the button can read as either of these depending on whether or not you're logged into another account)
log into Facebook through that screen.

Solution 2

If you are encountering this error when logging in from a different menu it might be due to Facebook permissions.

Go to your device's Settings
Under the panel "allow these apps to use your account", make sure the tab next to Knightfall Rivals is set to on.
If it is already on try toggling it off and on again and then try logging into Facebook.
If you are still encountering this error after trying all of the above, go to:

Delete any account info saved there and try logging in again. This will not affect your Facebook account.
If you still get this error after trying these fixes please reach out to support with a screenshot of the error message and a detailed description.

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