What are all the achievements?

Want to redneckonize to the max?  Here's how!



Achievement Title: Achievement Requirements
Scien-tistic Stuff: Blow up 25 beaver dams
Redneck Logic: Blow up 25 duck blinds
Too Hot to Handle: 100 Peppers eaten
Hot Donuts: 144 Donuts eaten
Calling All Rednecks: 20 Duck calls assembled
Boxing Heavyweight: 100 boxes taped
King Fish: 100 fish caught
An Acquired Taste: 1 'coon turd eaten
Berry Nice: 100 berries eaten
Just for Rednecks: 20 beards dyed
Work Hard, Nap Hard: 20 naps ended
Makeup Ain't Paint: 20 faces painted
Jane Doe: 1 doe shot
Horn Collector: 20 bucks shot
Quack: 100 ducks shot
Give Peace a Chance: 100 doves shot
Aww, nuts: 100 squirrels shot
Ribbit: 100 frogs caught
Crazy Redneck: 500 total rounds played
Marathon Runner: Survive 35 rounds in one sitting
Hat Trick: Shoot 3 ducks at once
Hey Yuppie!: Reach Level 1 Redneck
Halfway to Redneck:  Reach Level 5 Redneck
Gettin' Country:  Reach Level 7 Redneck
Beard Commander:  Reach Level 10 Redneck

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