How do I remodel my store?

Remodeling allows you to change almost everything about your store. While many of the options available in the remodel are just for looks, some of them can actually enhance your store, increasing your effectiveness as a pawn shop.

Change the look of your shop by purchasing different floors, walls, storefronts, and storebacks. You can only ever have one of each active at a given time. 

Shelves are what allow you to sell most items. The more shelf space you have, the more items you can sell. Some shelves only go on the floor, while other shelves only go on the wall. Mix and match to make the best use of your shop!

Decorations add fun and personality to your shop. There are floor and wall decorations.

Improvements and counters add persistent bonuses to your shop, improving things like customer patience, sell price, sell time, maximum customers, and knowledge gained. Some improvements are specific to your back room or your sales floor, while others can go anywhere.

Expansions make your shop bigger, increasing the amount of floor and wall space you have.

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