The Pyramid of Giza explained.

Falsely revered as a funeral monument by the natives, is in reality a geomechanical Hydrogen Reactor. Unfortunately, the true purpose of the machine is beyond human comprehension at this stage of their evolution. Since Earth's atmosphere is hostile to us, we have opted to manipulate them into building the reactor for us under ceremonial pretenses. The construction site lies in perfect interactive alignment with our home planet, Nibiru. Once the reactor is complete it will supply the power we need to accomplish our mission and ensure the survival of both of our species. Quarries supply limestone blocks used to build the Pyramid. An unlimited number of workers may be assigned to each Quarry. Expedite production by levitating blocks and adding them yourself at the cost of our Plausible Deniability. Enhanced workers will mine and transport blocks faster than normal villagers, accelerating the completion of the Pyramid.

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