Facebook/Android Release Notes

Android Version Release Notes


0.9.9 - Fixed crash when upgrading to a powered building
- Fixed slowdown during load when trying to cache asset files in the background (mobile only)
0.9.10 - Added 3 minute “cooldown” between villager probes
- Attempted fix for collecting from wrong building
- Minor visual fixes and tweaks
- Minor text updates
0.10.2 - Reduced crashes occurring after loading screen
- Fixed pyramid not adding blocks when app is temporarily closed
- Fixed intro video not showing up during first gameplay
- Balanced economy, including lowering collection cost of small houses and temples
- Improved load times and frame rate
N/A - Allow collection of energy regardless of how much energy you have
- Show icon when quarry is depleted
- Fixed tech countdown stuck at 0 seconds
- Fixed crash during load


N/A - Fixed crash when moving Obelisks
- Fixed text not fitting inside UI when confirming a building/decoration placement
0.10.5 - Fix for occasional crash caused by particle effects Web/Android
 0.10.7   - Improved villager assignment logic (always assign best available worker, un-assign worst)
- Fixed info popup selection icon not showing
- Fixed power radius for Obelisk of Aswan
- Fixed loading crash caused by certain building configurations
- Prevent buildings from getting moved offline
- Graphical improvements
- Minor UI enhancements
- Minor text/font adjustments
 0.10.12   - Added Villager Selection UI
- Added Hint button in Quest Popup for certain quests
- Added Credits screen
- Added “Assign to Temple” button for villagers
- Fixed bug where villagers would be removed when upgrading buildings
- Fixed artifacts and decorations displaying at 50% size
 0.10.15  - Faster load times for certain users with many buildings
- Faster frame rate for certain users
- Less memory used while game is running
- Less battery used while game is not running
- Added praying animation for villagers (minotaurs and savants not yet added)
- Fixed buildings shrinking in size when canceling an upgrade
- Fixed crash during load when mines/quarries are located far away from pyramid
- Fixed villagers spawning in invalid places
- Fixed villager enhancement video sequence
- Fixed building upgrade process creating invalid workers
- Fixed some minor memory leaks
- Miscellaneous crash fixes


N/A - Added side quests
- (Web only) Optimized "valid placement" check on buildings, should improve load times
– Being informed is of the utmost importance to your mission, and we've added notifications so you can see when mines are completed, and/or new technology has been learned
– Connectivity pop-up issues have now been made obsolete
– Optimized extraterrestrial devices to keep position static when sending or receiving gifts
– Further advancement of our systems to decrease crashes and optimize gameplay
– Corrected building count to include Obelisks, which will now more accurately show how many buildings you have under your control
 0.10.17 - 18  
– Utilizing our advanced crash data to implement protection while reloading your extraterrestrial device
– No longer will you require power for depleted mines or quarries
– Levelling up has even more perks, and will now provide more gold when gifting to your Alien Hybrid friends
 0.10.19 - 20  
– Earn daily rewards that contain materials to help you fulfill your destiny faster
– Prepare yourself for the Wheel of Fate, and may it grant you many good fortunes
– Seek out the distant lands of your fellow Alien Hybrid friends
– Manipulated the minds of Minotaurs and Savants so you will now see them pray
– Continue to upgrade our Alien technology to improve the memory usage on your extraterrestrial devices
– Oracle of Ra has bestowed upon the Wheel of Fate the reward of a Crystalisk
– Villagers not needed for our Alien research anymore, so they will no longer disappear randomly from your control
– Great power has been applied to your pyramid building, you will now be able to add blocks much faster when adding large sums at once
– Pyramids have also been upgraded with our latest technologies to consume less memory from your extraterrestrial devices
– Continue to advance our systems to reduce crashing while you fulfill your mission


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